One Room Challenge – 1st Floor Trifecta – Week ONE

29 Sep One Room Challenge – 1st Floor Trifecta – Week ONE

I am so happy to reveal that in this Fall of 2021, Design by Misha is participating in the One Room Challenge! This project is so personal, being my family’s home as well as the DBM headquarters, we can’t wait to share this labor of love with you. Follow along with our process here and on social media as we kick off this 8 week project of the Lindsey Family’s 1st Floor Trifecta of a remodel, the Kitchen, Guest Bath, and Powder Room are all getting an upgrade!

After the challenge that these past couple of years threw our way, we know this renovation will be a breeze…haha! I couldn’t keep a straight face with that one, but no matter the hill to climb we’ve got our hiking shoes on, so off we go! The Norfolk Way property holds such a unique place in the design world and that’s really where the journey begins. 

A little history on this 1960’s modern gem, nestled in the South Land Park area of Sacramento – 

Norfolk Way was featured in the May 1963 issue of Sunset Magazine. Touting a ‘living entryway’, with it’s in-ground planter and an approving nod to the centerpiece of the entryway, the ornate spiral staircase that connects this tri-level home. Norfolk Way was quintessential California Modern for the design-minded crowd of mid 60’s in Sacramento. Seen here in the local paper the Sacramento Bee also featured our residence. My intent is to pull this home into the current era while maintaining that iconic California Modern aesthetic and what that means in the interior design world today.

For me, the California Modern aesthetic in 2021 reflects an ideal family home with distinct design and all of the functionality needed for kids, parents and pets to get along in. My vision is warm materials with a sleek modern feel and many natural elements mixed throughout. I have already tackled this look in other areas of our home, including the gorgeous primary ensuite bathroom (do yourself a favor and check out the photos of that space on our website) as well as the transformed exterior of our home.

The updated exterior truly sets the tone for bringing the outdoors inside with this coming design. Another important focus for me has always been sustainability. We focused our landscaping on California native and drought tolerant plants, we source reclaimed wood when possible, and the DBM team and I are always on the lookout for new advancements in sustainable, beautiful materials we can use in our designs. For example, the kitchen   remodel that is part of our ORC (One { Three } Room Challenge) will hopefully feature the super sustainable, Richlite paperstone countertop and we can’t wait to see that installed.  

Week One of the 1st Floor Trifecta (kitchen, guest bath and powder room) has been all about finalizing our game plan and setting ourselves up for success throughout the process. Demo is about to begin and boy will it be exciting to live through that while also accommodating work, school, soccer practice, piano practice and general life – it’s possible the family and I may need to get out of the house for a short time, stay tuned!

BEFORE: Kitchen, Guest Bathroom, Powder Room


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