One Room Challenge – Week 2 – 1st Floor Trifecta Demo

8 Oct One Room Challenge – Week 2 – 1st Floor Trifecta Demo

Out with the old, in with the new (slash – construction dust)! This week we’ve made huge headway with the demo of the 1st floor at Norfolk Way. The Lindsey Fam is seeing our former kitchen torn down and loaded up to haul away. A little sad, but the kiddos seemed to feel better when they were allowed a supervised turn with the sledgehammer. All pretty standard when you have a mom in the design world!


The calm before the storm, getting our last looks in at the whole first floor – kitchen, dining room, laundry room, playroom, guest bathroom and laundry room. Guest bathroom is undergoing a full gut after we had literally bandaged  some of the major issues. Skim coating over the wallpaper was never the final form of this space, but it did the trick until now! My husband and I also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this week. Of course, we had to commemorate with a little message on the soon-to-be-demolished wall. Transforming this home to better fit our family is the best gift we could’ve asked for. Finishing off the prep by packing things for the temporary POD storage and marking more of the items to be demoed for the crew to start bright and early tomorrow!


Kitchen cabinets are gone, just like that! Also the horrible family room carpet that I’ve loathed since we moved in went buh bye! Had to pivot slightly in the guest bath after finding some major leakage by demoing all the way down to the subfloor. Always better to find issues at this stage when we can make proper plans to fix them  – see, my glass is still half-full, haha! Seeing a glimpse of the old wallpaper peek through was a fun reminder of where this 60’s beauty started. You can see all of that retro goodness in our past blog post (linked below). Progress is being made on day 2, with a few more dry rot (and vintage calendar) discoveries to deal with in the kitchen and laundry room, but otherwise off to a great start.


Sheetrock is coming down all over the place and we’re going down to the studs, baby! Old linoleum is also being removed and I can’t wait to see this space as a blank slate. The wall between the kitchen and laundry room had to get opened up to be able to relocate the fridge from across the kitchen. This shift in appliance layout will give us the space for a nice large center island, an essential for a functional family kitchen. Framing and upgraded pocket door install is happening tomorrow… and we are off and running! Next week is the start of all of the gorgeous tile and finishes coming in soon!  Keep up with us to see the real magic start to happen!



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