ONE ROOM CHALLENGE – Week 3 – 1st floor Trifecta

14 Oct ONE ROOM CHALLENGE – Week 3 – 1st floor Trifecta

Week three of the One Room Challenge is shaping up to be a busy one, both at home and afar! Besides all of the planning, organizing, and getting our outdoor kitchen set up (hello remodel life!)

I escaped town for a business trip, which for now is top secret, but I can’t wait to fill you all in! The family and I did end up leaving town during the demo so the crew could have the space to themselves, but now being back in the construction zone, we are making tons of exciting progress!

Friends, we have 1600 SQUARE FEET of tile to install! *gasp* and wouldn’t you know it, there of course is a shipping delay. After about a week of “lost in transit” messages, the tile is making its way to Sacramento as we speak and we are so ready to see it in place.  The large scale Instinct floor tiles are coming from our buddies over at Tilebar and we can’t thank them enough for helping to locate that “lost in transit” shipment which helped us get it here JUST IN THE NICK of time!  About ½ of the floor tile is complete as of now, thanks to our amazing tile guys.

The DBM team and I have been fans of Fireclay Tile since its inception and are still utilizing them whenever and wherever we can. This gorgeous 1×6 stacked tile in ‘tidewater’ green is a perfect complement to the selected Milton & King “Kingdom Palm” wallpaper which will be used in the Guest Bathroom of the 1st Floor Trifecta. Can’t you picture the amazing modern accessories I’ll be able to pair with this theme?!


And just in case you thought I couldn’t go any more over-the-top dramatic with my wall coverings, I present to you this impeccable mural piece called “Night Heron” by Hygge and West. The Powder Room at Norfolk is right off of the front entryway and features a pocket sliding door, which means it is a highly visible little W.C. This artwork is sure to make a statement, even when the door is left ajar. I know when we have guests over (you know, sometime in the hopefully not so distant future when it’s perfectly safe to do so!) it will definitely be a conversation piece. I love the concept of going bold in small spaces and for the Powder Room, I did just that.

Things are shaping up in the Kitchen as we are getting really close to finalizing cabinetry! The island is now set in its location which is already feeling more functional than the previous layout. I’m so glad we opened up that wall between the kitchen and laundry to accommodate the new island layout (check out ORC Week 2 Blog post for deets on that demo). Now comes even more planning, tile finishing, electrical work and hopefully pinning down some of the extra details like brass work – gotta love those finishing touches!


Lighting has been selected and we can’t wait to see this black beauty up soon! This is the Hudson Valley Lighting “Loris” fixture in black marble and it is so cool and unique I just love it.

Additionally, we’ll have some small and minimal trim-less recessed lights from Nora Lighting which I think will keep a clean overall look in such a central, large space on the 1st Floor.


I can’t wait for the laundry room wallpaper from Schumacher to arrive.  You’ll catch a view of this beauty from the kitchen.  We decided to continue with new cabinetry in the pantry and laundry room since you can see it directly from the kitchen and knowing me, if it didn’t match, it would bug me to death!  So…pivot…again on this project, but I know it will be worth it in the end! 

Wrapping up week three of the One Room Challenge and I am really feeling the weight of the projects. Remind me again why I chose to tackle the entire 1st floor at the same time?! No turning back now! Keep up with the chaos here on the DBM blog and be sure to browse the rest of the Fall 2021 ORC Participants at the link below – they are all so inspiring!


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