One Room Challenge – Week 6 – 1st Floor Trifecta Updates

4 Nov One Room Challenge – Week 6 – 1st Floor Trifecta Updates

Week 6 of the One Room Challenge is full steam ahead with lots of finalizing ‘base layer’ components. This week has got me feeling a bit weighed down by the whole process. Living in the construction dust and chaos over the last 6+ weeks has taken its toll on our typical family routine. With school, soccer, Halloween (check out those creative costumes) working from home and all the rest, life is not running smoothly at the moment. Toss in that roof leak during the storm, which we are in the process of quoting out for repair, and all in all, we are just thankful at the moment our tarp is still intact! I am eagerly awaiting the next stage when it’s time for the ‘pretty things’ to go into this renovation. Paint and finishes are just around the corner and I know that will help me keep sight of the finish line in all of this, but for now, Lord give me strength! 😉

Last week we got a preview of our completed base cabinets at the shop and now they are delivered and in our hands! The wall space behind the base cabinet boxes doesn’t need retexturizing, so I scratched that itch of needing something “done” and painted the wall with primer to prepare for the lower cabinet install. It’s amazing how a little paint roller in the hand can make me feel SO much better! 🙂  Once these beauties are in place, the next essential step is getting the templates done for the countertops in the kitchen. I have an absolutely stunning piece of emerald green soapstone selected for the island and *chefs kiss* it’s going to be so good! My original vision was to waterfall this stone for the island design, but I’ve tweaked that idea and will instead be using a black fluted material on the side of the island acting as a leg. We will also be using the same fluted material on the range hood for continuity. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Fingers crossed there should be enough soapstone remnant to also use it in the powder room as well, so that template will need be made up too. I think this color and texture will look amazing with the Night Heron wallpaper mural we have going in…which shocker – is delayed due to supply chain issues. The good news is that the laundry wallpaper, as well as the awesome vintage-look palm print paper for the guest bathroom, are both in hand and ready to be installed around Nov. 15th. My plan is to let the colorful wallpaper and tile shine in that guest bathroom by coordinating a nice neutral paint color with them, which is our tried and true Sherwin Williams ‘Greek Villa’.

As someone with an eye for color theory, I have always loved Sherwin Williams and their innovation for color trends each year. My team and I are excited to take part in their virtual Colormix 2022 event next week and find some inspiration for what 2022 design trends have in store for us. In the mean time, this dusty and ugly portion of the renovation process is coming to a slow and steady end, which I am anxiously awaiting. Thank you friends for following along with the ORC Fall 2021 process with us and we can’t wait to share more aesthetically pleasing content with you in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back in!


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