Project Management

Project Management

Design by Misha will handle your design project from A to Z, taking the worry, time, and stress away from you. Misha has assembled an all-star team of contractors and specialists that deliver the very best work.

We first work to gain an understanding of the client and what they most care about in the project, including individual interests, the purpose and functional needs of the space, and the feeling they hope to have when in the space. Second, the design is created through several iterations and discussions with the clients. Once finalized Misha will assemble the necessary team and see the design through to completion.

Most importantly, our goal is that you not only love the final product, but that you enjoy the process getting there. Misha brings her energy and passion to every project.

E-Design & Consultation

E-Design & Consultation

Want to look at your future kitchen on your computer before starting to tear down walls? Want to see how a fern looks compared to a Japanese maple in your new yard before you buy the plants? Want to try a window here and a door there at the touch of a button? Of course you do! That’s what Design by Misha will allow you to do with our powerful 3D computer rendering software and service.

E-Design makes achieving your amazing space possible from virtually any location. Through email and/or phone, you can get a personalized design plan including color, space planning, and even furniture selection that you can then take to your contractors for bids, or decide to DIY-it (do it yourself). Misha can provide you with exact floor plans, cabinet layout, and even 3-D rendering so you can truly see your space come to life before beginning demo!

See examples of Misha’s E-Design in the Gallery

Why Choose Design by Misha

Design by Misha includes highly talented and professional team members.

It’s All About the Design

Love what you look at. Be inspired by your design. Misha will make it happen.


Most designers don’t know about building. Most builders don’t know about design. We know both!


Misha wants to know YOU. What YOU care about. Then incorporate it into the design.

Color Expert

Years of experience in color consultation at your service so you can say “That’s the perfect color.”

Interior and Exterior

Love the inside. Love the outside. That’s a good way to live.

Fit just for you

Misha wants to know YOU. What YOU care about. Then incorporate it into the design.

Your Design in 3D

See your space transformed with a 3D computer rendering.

Enjoy the Experience

The goal isn’t just a great ending, but to enjoy every step of the process. We’ll make it fun!

Project Management

Misha will take your project from A to Z with her team of contractors and specialists.