Mediterranean Inspired California Backyard

This backyard oasis was inspired by Mediterranean colors and patterns and is rooted in California outdoor living and homesteading. The existing redwood deck is incorporated into a series of new stepping decks leading to the bright spa that doubles as a small pool. In what used to be an aggregate driveway there is now an outdoor dining and lounge, a pool that can double as a spa in the winter, a series of water features, an organic vegetable garden and a space for bee boxes. Built in planters featuring native and drought tolerant planting frame in the decks to soften the redwood and tile hardscape. The pool brings a pop of color to the yard with Mediterranean blue tile and a deliberately blue/green water color. At the end of the pool and intentionally visible from all areas of the yard is a water feature that sprays over a see through patterned wall and planters. Tucked behind the lounge and dining spaces offered by the terraced deck lies the more functional, yet equally beautiful, portion of this yard: the garden. The garden beds are interlocking and vary in height. As the garden does its part to finalize the design trailing vines will trellis over the path to the home office on top of the garage connecting one section of garden beds to another. Despite the small size of this yard, each of the clients needs were met to create a yard full of spaces to lounge, dine, garden, and enjoy the California climate.