2020 Color of the Year by Sherwin Williams Review

12 Dec 2020 Color of the Year by Sherwin Williams Review

This color of the year for 2020, ‘Naval’ released by Sherwin Williams is such a versatile shade and is inspirational in many facets of design. Here at Design by Misha, we have already been applying this hue within various aspects of our projects. Whether it’s this lovely and saturated Sherwin Williams Paint, or finding inspiration while sourcing materials and furnishings, this Naval color is a real winner and feels very ‘now’ on the trend spectrum. Here are some of the inspirations Sherwin Williams used in selecting this color and how we at DBM would apply these notions to real life designs.




We love the idea of ringing in the new decade with a focus on wellness. Making time to recharge is so important, especially when the world around us can feel so draining. Utilizing this cozy color in your home can create that calm you’re after. There’s something so calming about a monochrome space (very ‘in’ right now). You can achieve this look by layering this lovely Naval wall color with some similar hued upholstery and linens, and voila! A deliciously enveloping wellness zone awaits you!




When paired with a gold metallic accent, the shade Naval reads truly Gatsby-esque. Keep this Art Deco revival moment in check by using the geometric patterns sparingly and focusing on the finishes themselves. This sleek lacquered piece from CB2 harkens back to the 1920’s, while strongly affirming the contemporary 2020’s home trend. Whether you’re ready to dance the night away and sip champagne from a shimmering crystal coupe glass, or simply enjoying a movie night at home with a cozy cup of tea, the color Naval will enhance the mood in just the right way.




Something we are seeing come up more and more in the design world is the concept of biophilia. The color Naval is rooted in themes of water and air at its heart and we think it fits well within the spectrum of designing with natural materials. At DBM we love to bridge the divide between outside and in, using natural elements and open spaces to make a cohesive blend with a home’s natural surroundings. Being more in touch with Nature has some extremely positive benefits to us as humans, and we love being able to work with our clients on how to incorporate natural elements into their living space. Using the color Naval works well as an accent to greenery, seen in these glistening glazed Crate and Barrel planters. Let’s ring in the new year together with a mindset towards emphasizing the care of our beautiful blue planet.


Overall, we are happy to see such a versatile color being featured for 2020 design inspiration. Naval can truly feel classic or contemporary. This beautiful blue hue can be included in your home in almost any room, as seen here on this sleek kitchen island, or as seen above in the gorgeous Land Park Luxe master bedroom. We are feeling this color for the new year and cannot wait to see what else this new decade has to offer the design world.


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