Pantone 2020 Color of the year – Our Take!

19 Mar Pantone 2020 Color of the year – Our Take!

Classic Blue is the Pantone 2020 Color of the year!

If you know anything about the Design by Misha team, it’s that we love color theory. It’s hard not to get excited when a color really inspires you. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting color combinations and ways to make just the right color palette for a particular design. Each year, we look forward to seeing the Pantone color of the year release and dreaming up ways to put that hue to good use. This year, the Classic Blue color invites all sorts of positive connotations and we can’t wait to jump right in! These are just some of the ways this versatile color can be handled, hopefully you will find as much inspiration with Pantone’s Classic Blue as we do!


Photo: Kat Alves

This ‘Land Park Luxe’ Sacramento home is one of our favorites and we’re always happy to add some flair to any space, even the laundry room. We feel that great style should be carried throughout a home, the laundry room is no exception. If anything, the time spent in a laundry room will be made much less stressful with a thoughtfully designed space plan and beautifully curated finishes. The classic blue color of the cabinetry in this Luxe laundry room was a wonderful statement to make, really jumping off of this gorgeous Schumacher patterned wallpaper. The sleek white quartz counter top with the jewel of a Brio Faucet make for the cleanest of backdrops to sort and fold garments. With lovely natural light pouring in and making the blue glow, you would definitely find us here even when it’s not laundry day.


One of our recent projects was to modernize an outdated guest bathroom in our client’s home. This client was not afraid of bold color choices and we couldn’t be more excited to indulge. We looked to the Classic Blue color as a starting point on the vanity, selecting shaker door fronts and sleek modern cabinet pulls, building the rest of the colorway off of this focal point. With the bathroom being on a smaller scale, we felt that making a statement like a colored ceiling would not be too overwhelming. We decided to coordinate with our blue vanity and select a beautiful Sherwinn Williams golden yellow color called “Tassel” for the ceiling. The walls will be left a creamy neutral to balance things out. To match the visual ‘weight’ of the painted ceiling, the floor is also a bold charcoal hexagon tile chosen for its large scale pattern which really anchors the space and minimizes grout lines. Accenting with brass fixtures for that mid century modern flair is the final touch on this jewel box of a bathroom. We can’t wait to see the finished design and share it with all of you!


Photo: Rich Baum Photography

Interestingly, there is one particular thing that Classic Blue evokes to me and that is architectural blueprints. Maybe it’s the interior designer talking, but that is one of the first things that came to mind! Now, blueprints can be made into lovely artwork, but breaking that concept down into just the color and line theory is a lovely concept. This artwork we selected for Land Park Luxe has a beautiful clean geometry to it that fits the modern aesthetic so well. Pantone’s Classic Blue is such a lovely and bold shade. It fits someplace between a very natural ocean blue, and a more modern art primary blue – such range! Of course, you can also simply use the color itself as an artistic accent with paint. Think outside the box and look at your walls and ceiling with an artistic eye. Maybe creating some geometric shapes painted on the walls is the bold move you’ve been looking for to liven up your space! 


Photo: Rich Baum Photography

We absolutely adore how this modern kitchen turned out! The blue cabinetry was a design decision that added so much character! Not to mention the bold rooster artwork adding his own bit of character to the space *wink*! We paired this beautiful blue with dark counter tops, and this large island really does anchor the space well. We can easily picture all of those bar stools full of guests during a party, or the family sitting and having breakfast on a relaxed weekend morning, can’t you? The gorgeous Chef quality stainless appliances really make this a home-cook’s dream kitchen, ready to create all sorts of mouthwatering goodies. With a classic blue color, it’s easy to go bold and we are here for it!


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