7 simple and useful tips for decorating your first house

16 Jan 7 simple and useful tips for decorating your first house

Congratulations, homeowner! It can be equal parts exhilarating and terrifying to be the owner of your first home. When planning how to decorate your first house, pull together those magazine clippings, pinterest boards and any other inspo you have lying around and read on to find out how we recommend to get things started. Decorating your house doesn’t have to be unmanageable, we’ve got your back with the best pro tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot. Once the real estate agent hands over the keys, come find us to get set up with stylish functionality for your first house. Below we’ll help you plan out the best way to decorate your first house.  And if you get stuck remember we do offer an e-Design service or if you’re local – give us a call!
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1 – Your house is empty, start painting now!

Whether you’re planning to DIY or hire help, starting with a fresh coat of paint is the best way to set the tone of a space and make it feel your own. If you can make the timing work for your family, we recommend getting the painting completely done prior to moving anything into the home. If you’re unsure of the final design of the space and maybe aren’t ready to commit to a color, start with a neutral pallet and you will be able to add bold accents later if needed. Don’t forget your doors, closets and trim when planning what paints to select. Decorating your first house can be overwhelming, but don’t let the paint get you down. See our other blog post on how to make the most of a neutral color palette for your space!


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2 – Layer in Lighting

Most people purchasing their new home are upgrading to a larger space, which means you probably aren’t moving in with enough light fixtures. Now, pre-installed lighting is great, but we’d recommend having a variety of lighting in each space, from natural light, to floor or table lamps which will give you a warm and flattering feel. Search for stylish pairs of side table lamps, which can make a bedroom look more put together, or create a custom designer feel when used as a set on a credenza or sofa table. A floor lamp tucked into a darker corner can really make a big difference in the overall warmth of a space. Lighting shouldn’t be discounted in the design process because it can really change the mood of a room. Be sure to select the proper wattage of bulb for your needs. Time to brighten up your new house!


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3 – Floor Covering Foundation

The best time to plan out a floor covering can be when you first move into your first house. Get that handy tape measure out and document the overall dimensions, length and width of each room. This way, when planning material square footage, or area rug sizing, you’ll have that essential information handy. We are all for the DIY project, but would suggest replacing flooring be handled by professionals. Especially when moving into a new space, there could be unknown issues when old flooring is removed. If the flooring in your first house is functional and stylish enough, the transformative power of an area rug can’t be understated. One of our favorite ways to bring a room to life is with great area rug. It’s something you can buy at any price point and in any style, so let’s get shopping!


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4 – Invest in Quality

If you’re like us, the furnishings you’re bringing when moving into your first house may not be of the highest quality. It makes sense, having moveable, multi functional pieces works well when you are changing rental locations on a regular basis. However, becoming a homeowner means you are staying put for a while and your furnishings should reflect that. One piece you won’t regret investing in is the master bed. That includes the mattress as well as the bed frame. Make the most of the space available and upgrade in size if you are able to. Decorating your first home with quality pieces that can even become family heirlooms is not something you will regret.


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5 – Reuse your Faves

Shopping for and buying that perfect piece for your space is absolutely wonderful, but not essential for every piece in your first house. Most of us are moving in with things we have not been willing to part with as they are meaningful, favorite items. These items can become key pieces integrated with your new design style. And we’re all for that! Maybe that dining table you’ve had forever, but now is too small for the new dining room can become a great breakfast nook piece, or living room display table, or repainted and used as a patio table. Don’t feel obligated to start from scratch with the decor for your first house, make it custom to you!


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6 – Organizational Aptitude

It might be our personality type, but we get really excited about the organizational opportunities in a new space. Sometimes in your first house, this can be a trial and error process to find out what works best for you. Maybe that old broom closet gets a fresh coat of paint and some shelf adjustments and becomes additional pantry storage. A larger home means more storage needed for back stock perishables. Also, not living in a rental property means that built in structures can be a great solution to organize bedroom or other closets. This is one you can DIY if you’re feeling handy and ready for a weekend project. Customize it to fit your needs by adding shelves, cubbies, bins and hanging rods to make it work for your needs. Way to get organized!


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7 – Design Bling

This is your first house, don’t be afraid to add on the design ‘bling’! These are the items we see as the finishing touches when decorating your space. This can mean different items for each person and each room. Some examples can be a luxurious throw blanket that adds the perfect pop of color. Or, a new decorative lampshade on a more basic lamp. Even adding in some beautiful, small decorative pieces like a nice flower vase, can make a big impact when decorating a room. Decorating your first house with these types of items can be the best way to personalize your space and make your new house a home.

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