2019 Color of the Year!

17 Jan 2019 Color of the Year!

We’ve entered the new year, which means new color inspiration from some of our favorite paint and color companies! Style and fashion insiders know that these colors will define the upcoming seasonal trends. Interior Designers are jumping on board with this gorgeous palette of colors to make the most of their decor plans. Below you’ll find our thoughts on the 2019 colors of the year, including our personal fave from Sherwin-Williams, ‘Cavern Clay’ SW7701.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Sherwin Williams

Image Source: Sherwin Williams 

The ‘Cavern Clay’ color is such a versatile color that we can’t wait to utilize it in a future design. This color can be great as an accent, or even as as a sort of bold neutral. It makes a wonderful backdrop that gives warmth and character to the space. Finding inspiration within the natural world, Cavern Clay pairs well with anything from rustic Kilims to modern metallics. We’ve utilized this versatile color at DBM’s own #SunsetToSunset design, with it showing up in the natural materials themselves. Sherwin Williams even suggest to integrate greenery in your room design which will make this color really pop. What a vibrant and unique way to kick of 2019!


Image Source: Design by Misha

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Image Source: Benjamin Moore

‘Metropolitan’ AF-690 is Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of the year and we think this Neutral beauty will become the new go-to for 2019 trends. It might be time to phase out the term “greige”, because ‘Metropolitan’ is more sophisticated than that. Make the most of this pretty tone by washing your natural lit wall with it as a great backdrop for almost any look. Benjamin Moore pairs this with elegant silk and gilded wood to elevate the luxury of this color. We’d love to see ‘Metropolitan’ used with a modern look of clean lines, contrasting textures and metallic accents. Make sure to use this color in your home for a versatile new neutral.




Image Source: Behr Paint

‘Blueprint’ S470-5 is a gorgeous saturated blue hue that we adore! A fabulous accent color will brighten up anywhere in your home, from the front door to your kitchen cabinets. This vibrant, yet sophisticated blue is going to set an inviting tone in any home design. This blue color will have your 2019 home designs brightening up the neighborhood in no time.



Pantone Pantone

Image Source: Pantone

With the recent release of the highly anticipated Pantone color of the year for 2019, we are seeing “living coral” in our future! This vibrant sunset-hued coral color is surely to show up in fashion and design trends from coast to coast. We are drooling over the amazing color palettes that “Living Coral” fits in with. 2019 needs a burst of beautiful color and we know this coral will pack that punch, no matter what format it’s used in. We can’t wait to see this color used in textiles as well as paint. Picturing some awesome painted wood accent furniture in ‘living coral’ makes us very happy. Drop us a note to tell us how you are going to use ‘Living Coral’ in your design! Cheers to a beautiful and colorful 2019!


Designers Only


Image Source: Designers Only

Awesome local organizations like Sacramentos own “Designer’s Only” is a great resource for all things design related. Their selection for color of the year fits snugly into the current trends. “Sparrow” is a lovely shade that translates from wall color to upholstery, to any number of applications. We’re seeing the colors start to warm up and lean more to the tans/browns, like the Sherwin Williams’ “Cavern Clay”, and away from the greys. Greys are still good in a lot of places, but even the greys are becoming earthier in tone and saturation.

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