Eclectic and Vibrant Kitchen Design

12 Dec Eclectic and Vibrant Kitchen Design

Our most recent kitchen remodel has stolen our hearts. We were tasked with enlivening the living space and kitchen of fun family with a killer cook/mom. The existing beige track home kitchen absolutely did not represent the fun vibrant family that inhabits the space daily. So we took this opportunity to design a space with some serious personality.

The two showstoppers in this design are the hand painted Fireclay tile we chose for the backsplash and the custom brass hood we plan to have commissioned by a local maker.

Gonzalez Home 10.10

Gonzalez Home 10.10 (1)

While the brass hood has been a challenging item to get our hands on we know the trouble will be well worth it. All the fixtures in the kitchen (and most likely the powder bath) will be brass as well.

The Tilebar tile we chose for the flooring throughout is understated in color but has an amazing large arabesque pattern. All our furniture choices are geared towards making this family feel cozy and at home in a space that inspires fun family time.

The living and dining spaces are small and bleed into each other so we made sure to source furniture that all works together with seating that can be reorganized depending on who’s eating, playing video games, socializing, or sitting up at the dining table for some concentrated homework time.

Gonzalez Home 10.10 (2)

While the color scheme for the paint in the kitchen dining and living room is fairly understated, we chose to go bold in the powder bath! 2018 is the year of bold dark tones and we love having even more of an excuse to encourage clients to go bold. For the bathroom we chose Sherwin Williams Indo Batik (SW 7602) a rich blue that inspires daydreams of shopping for hand dyed silks hanging in crowded marketplaces.

Gonzalez Home 10.10 (3).

Stay tuned for the implementation of this design- we know we can’t wait for this eclectic design to come to life and to be able to personalize a space for a family that deserves to live somewhere vibrant, fun, and inspiring!

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