Fun and Functional Playroom Ideas

6 Jun Fun and Functional Playroom Ideas

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If you’re deep in the parenthood journey, you know that creating functional play spaces in your home is essential for the kids, but also for your own sanity. We have some great ideas to get you started on building that kid friendly zone that won’t make you pull out your hair. Design friendly solutions that look great and function well are essential for family unity. No need to go down the pinterest rabbit hole, or get overwhelmed with Montessori methods, start here with some simple, tried and true methods for creating a lovely playroom in your home.

Functional Playroom

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

Organization is key. One thing you can count on is at a certain age, the little ones will be getting into places you never thought they’d be interested in. Mama’s china hutch is WAY more intriguing than those colorful cute toy bins you picked out for their things. One thing to consider, within reason, is adjusting your storage spots into kid storage. The small bins in the media cabinet that used to house stationary and other nick-knacks, now contain balls, vehicles and puzzles. The toys are completely accessible to the toddler, yet housed in the same decorative bins that coordinate with the living room decor. That cute ottoman next to the sofa is actually a storage ottoman with more toys inside. Still reachable for the little ones but hidden away when you need them to be. If you’re going to invest in a chest specific for toys, there are some sleek and stylish options out there. We are loving the minimalist design of the “Sloan Toy Chest” from Pottery Barn Kids.

Functional Playroom

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While utilizing bins and storage spaces like these, it’s also important to remember that you want to nurture independence in those kiddos, such as the ability to put away the toys at the end of the day. One thing to consider is kid-friendly labeling. We may have it in our heads what should live in each bin, in order for it all to fit neatly, but harnessing that in a preschool aged brain is probably not likely. Give them a learning tool with picture labels on their toy bins or other storage locations. A simple tag, with the category of item and a basic graphic will have them playing the matching game and hopefully make clean up time a breeze. You can also carry this idea over to their bedrooms for clothing storage, or into the kitchen for dishes and cups. The image above is a nice example that we like.

Functional Playroom

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Playroom activities can create endless entertainment for the littles. We love to foster creativity and encourage art projects. What to do with all of those masterpieces though? Artwork display, of the kid-created, or store-bought, variety is a key element to any playroom atmosphere. There are certainly ways that you can make that display work with your decor and not look like a giant version of a refrigerator door display. One idea we love is to use a material like cork, to create an accent wall. This natural material will give lovely texture and color, while also becoming an easy artwork display.

The idea of the full wall of material is a stylish one. Aside from cork, chalkboard paint or a white board material are also great choices. If you’re wanting a sleeker look, we are liking the concept of utilizing ready-made picture ledges (like these Ikea ones) in a creative fashion. Line up a row or two, end to end across a wall for a sleek and modern design. Amp up the style factor even more with a fun paint scheme. Geometric color block walls are a trend we are currently swooning over and this would be the perfect application. Paint right over the shelving and you have a seamless floating shelf design, ready for your’s or the kids display pieces.

Functional Playroom

Image Credit: Flor Tiles

One final element you can count on to bring the playroom space together, is a floor covering. This component can take on a more kid-oriented vibe, like certain play mats, or can lean in a traditional decor direction. Either way you take your design, it should feel comfortable with you and your little ones. At my home, we recently replaced the bright colorful foam floor tiles with a neutral area rug and to my surprise, the 2yo has been much happier playing on the plain rug! Perhaps a less stimulating surface was the key to creating his own imaginative play in this space. If you are looking to bridge the gap, we also are a fan of FLOR tiles. These are carpet squares, pieced together using adhesive backing. Two things make these carpet squares wonderful playroom options. One, is that they are durable for kid friendly use, but also individual tiles can be replaced if stained or damaged beyond cleaning. The second is that they are so customizable, in size as well as pattern. The website has some great inspiration for how to utilize their colorful carpet tiles in a myriad of patterns. Whichever direction you take your playroom space, we know with these tips, you’ll be able to combine form and function where it’s needed most.


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