How To Decorate a new Home With less Effort And Little Money

26 Dec How To Decorate a new Home With less Effort And Little Money

I once lived in 10 rental locations over the course of 12 years, so moving into and decorating a new space is nothing new. But it feels like a whole different ball game once you’ve purchased your own home. If you’re like me, you have lots of grand ideas, but not so grand of a budget to work with when planning how to decorate your new home. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when browsing pinterest, or flipping through the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Don’t be fooled by those picture perfect staged rooms; you don’t have to throw out everything you own and start from scratch. We’re here to help you create a space you’re proud to call ‘home’, with little effort and less money. Read on to get the tips and tricks you’ve been searching for, from someone who’s “been there, done that” so you don’t have to!

Do Focus on Items you love

When you’ve moved as much as I have, you start to get rid of things along the way, things that aren’t super important any more. What you’re left packing and moving over time is the items you realize you can’t live without. Those things you love and wanted to hold onto until you have a place in your home to properly display or use them. And that’s where your design needs to start. Take inspiration from those items that hold special meaning to you and build off of them to gather colors or design themes for the rest of that room. That wall tapestry you’ve had since college? Use that hint of gold in it to coordinate with the new draperies you’re buying. That favorite picture of you and mom, housed in the vintage metal frame? Pair it on the shelf with other vintage inspired accessories in the same metallic finish. Making these special items the centerpieces of your decor will make it uniquely yours.


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Don’t Just fill the space

While it might be tempting to clear the shelves at your local Home Goods, some restraint can go a long way when decorating your home. Just because an accessory fits your theme, doesn’t mean it has to go in the room. Like we said above, start with the items you love and let them be the focal point, then fill in the gaps around them. We recommend utilizing items such as books for stacking, and grouping items of various scale to add some interest on your shelves or fireplace mantle. Often grouping items in odd numbers is a good way to think, plus maintaining a balance of proportion overall. So step back and look at the full picture before finalizing your layout. I feel more balanced already, do you?


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Do Shop second hand

The key to making your home decor feel less catalog and more bespoke interior might just be waiting for you at your local antique shop or swap meet. One of our favorite things is browsing the endless nooks and crannies of a second hand store to locate that hidden gem, but we know it can be overwhelming for some. One tip is to go in with a list of needs – side table, floor lamp, large vase, etc. This can help you keep on task for what you came in for, but remember that when shopping second hand it’s okay to get creative too! Maybe that cool old umbrella stand you just found can become a side table with a simple wood top added? It’s not a necessity to think in DIY terms, but when you want a look that’s uniquely yours, it doesn’t hurt to see what’s out there. Set a date with your best gal friends to do some antiquing!


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Do Some DIY

One of our favorite ways to create a customized space is to tackle a few DIY projects. You might already be getting your hands dirty, sometimes quite literally, if your handling some of the renovations on your own. But the way to really make your home decor pop is with some strategic custom pieces. We think some of the best DIY items are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. Some top trends can be recreated for little cost and have a real impact on your design. Start by knowing what type of DIY you’re comfortable with – are you a nails and hammer kind of gal, or a fabric and glue gun guru? Time to pinterest it up and get inspired! That rustic blanket hanging ladder looks a lot like the vintage ladder I saw antique shopping, just cut down to size and sanded/waxed. Or those trendy bulletin boards you’re eyeing for your home office can be recreated with some scrap fabric and spray glue on a store bought board. Let your imagination go wild and come up with something creative!


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Don’t Feel Rushed

The best thing you can do for your own mental well being throughout this process is set a realistic timeline from the start. Take a page from the professional designer’s book and view the decorating of your home broken down into individual projects. If you can compartmentalize each area you’re trying to tackle, it can make the whole seem less overwhelming. Maybe the full kitchen renovation isn’t in the budget right now, but will be in time. Start with ‘Phase 1’ of the “kitchen renovation project” and break down what are the essentials that you can accomplish now (a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware go a long way!), and leave the more costly components to happen later in ‘Phase 2’. Maybe you’d like to focus on one room at a time. Are you tasked with hosting the family over the holidays this year? Maybe the dining room or guest room are priority to start with, then move on to other areas. Is summer fast approaching? Early Spring is when patio furniture is in season for purchase. Perhaps you decide to start shopping now for the best selection rather than waiting until the height of summer months when things are sold out – believe me, that’s a bummer! Whatever you determine your schedule to be, don’t be afraid to reach out for professionals to jump in and help if something is beyond your reach. Sometimes having one less thing on your plate is well worth the expense of hiring outside help. Now, let’s get working!


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