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14 Jul Modern Interior

Modern Interior

We’ve been swooning over staircases here at DBM. As the #sunsettosunset home remodeling project here in Sacramento gets underway we’ve been searching for a modern update to Misha and her family’s existing staircase. As we tend to gravitate towards modern interior design trends we’ve started to find plenty of unique modern staircase designs. A staircase can be more than a functional portion of a home’s architecture. Along with the railing, a staircase can become a point of visual interest within a home remodel and transport its users from one floor to another with ease, comfort, and beauty.


We love the idea of giving double function to a stair railing like this simple and sleek modern staircase does. The railing grows from floor to ceiling to create a unique modern staircase. The delicate wood posts create a “wall” that modernizes and gives visual interest to an otherwise bland area of the room.


stair railing


A Sacramento home remodel often includes the exterior. While our city is mostly flat, there’s definitely some yards that require stairs to get from point A to point B. We’re seriously smitten with this modern exterior staircase that is so beautifully incorporated into the landscape design.

Sacramento home


Sometimes it’s all in the railing. A railing can bring a modern update to many a Sacramento home remodel. We love this crazy (yet contained) railing that screams, ”look at how cool I am!”.


Sacramento home remodel


So, if you’re about to embark on your own Sacramento home remodel, don’t forget to think about how your stairs and/or railing might be just the thing to take your house to the next level. And stay tuned for the stair transformation at the #sunsettosunset Sacramento home remodel!

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