Top 15 Smart Home Decor Tips to follow on tight budget

30 Jan Top 15 Smart Home Decor Tips to follow on tight budget

When you’re on a tight budget, decorating your space how you’d like to can seem far out of reach. The truth is, it doesn’t need to be! We have 15 easy home decorating tips to follow that will make your interior design dreams come true. Read on to get the inside scoop on budget friendly design secrets that will have your space looking magazine worthy in no time, and with almost no money! We have been known to stretch the dollar from time to time, and we’re sharing our secrets here with you! It’s not too late to take those pennies and turn them into the decor of your dreams, let us show you how!

1. Repurpose old furniture, such as adding padding and upholstery to an unused, but still sturdy, coffee table to create a comfy bench seat.

2. Search your local flea market or antique shop for unique and budget friendly pieces; maybe a kitchy yet functional side chair for your bedroom.


Image Source: VSCO

3. Paint your fireplace surround a bright and light color for a fresh appeal to the living room.

4. A no-cost update to give your room more spaciousness is to raise up the curtain rods to the ceiling height and extend them so there’s room for the curtain stack on the outer sides of your window.

5. Add lighting to create ambiance to any room – floor and table lamps with the right bulb wattage can work wonders!

6. Give new life to your cabinets or drawers by installing some shiny new hardware.


Image Source: OneKingsLane

7. Reframe old artwork or photographs to give an updated feel and coordinate with your new decor.

8. Get a luxurious feel by layering area rugs, a large jute rug base with a smaller decorative antique rug will give you a very designer feel.


Image Source: TheBudgetDecorator

9. Spend some time adding coordinating accessories to your space, no need to buy new, find color appropriate pieces hiding in your own home and relocate them to a more prominent spot.

10. Bring the outdoors in by adding some plants or flowers to your decor. Re-using old jars and bottles is a great no cost alternative to buying new planting vessels.

11. Adding decorative wood trim to your floors and/or ceiling can be a small investment with a big impact.

12. Throw pillows can have transformative power, add some color and pattern to liven up your bedroom or living room with the right combination of accent pillows.


Image Source: West Elm

13. One easy and free way to get a new perspective on a space is to rearrange the furniture that’s already there, experiment and see what work because it may be something you’ve not thought of before.

14. Paint is a minimal investment that can bring major wow factor. Walls, doors, and trim with a fresh coat of paint in a modern color palette will make a big impact.

15. Never underestimate the power of the right window covering. New shades or drapes to coordinate with the decor can really tie things together well.

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