Four great tips and tricks to interior design a small bedroom

19 Jan Four great tips and tricks to interior design a small bedroom

We love a quaint cozy bedroom! Whether it’s your primary room, or a guest room space in your home, we have the interior design tips to make the most out of that small space. To get the most out of your small bedroom, it’s important to keep the mood and ambiance of the space in mind. We feel it’s important to have a peaceful space that will be the most soothing and restful as possible. Whether this means incorporating habits like making your bed and keeping surfaces clear of clutter, there’s a way to make your space more roomy than you ever thought possible. Interior Decorating your small bedroom with that in mind can make a world of difference. Let us help you create the soothing space you’ve always dreamt your small bedroom could be!

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Image Source: West Elm

#1 – Anchor the space

Finding the right sized bed for your space is so important in a small bedroom. When selecting a bed for your guest room, you may have more flexibility since it’s not used nightly. We love a stylish daybed that can take up minimal space as a Twin bed, then pull out with a trundle for double the sleeping capacity. This one from West Elm looks super stylish yet comfy. Choose an upholstered frame for an even more cozy feel. If you’re working with a small bedroom as your master, having some key design planning can help as well. Many times, a Queen bed will fit a smaller space very well and accommodate a couple comfortably. Keep your bed frame selection to a style with an open airy feel underneath, rather than a platform style, this will also help keep the room feeling larger. Another key design detail is to utilize an area rug to anchor the space. Typically the best placement for an area rug in a small room is partially under the bed. This will draw the eye to the bed in the center of the room as the focal point and take focus away from the ‘outer limits’ of the small space. Select a rug that will overhang the sides of the bed, but not be wall to wall in the room. A smaller perimeter of that colorful rug will anchor the bed without overwhelming the space with too much visual texture. Whatever your small bedroom demands, starting with these key factors will give you a good base to build the rest of your interior design elements around.

wall mounted bedside lights

Image Source: World Market

#2 – Functional key pieces

Every bedroom needs to have those key items that make it function well. When designing your small bedroom, it’s important to make the most of those items within the space. Nightstands are a key element in any bedroom design. In a small bedroom, you can adjust to have much smaller scale furnishings, or simply have one night stand that functions well. Another space saving technique can be to use wall mounted bedside lights like these stylish options from affordable Cost Plus World Market, rather than table lamps that would take up valuable surface space on your already smaller night stands. Depending on your home, a wall mounted light can be fully installed and integrated with the room’s light switches, or there are many plug-in options on the market that are very stylish as well. If the cord hanging down from that style is not to your liking, there are many cord cover options out there as well to keep things tidy. You can also paint the cord to match the wall color and carefully tack it down, so there’s no loose hanging cords. Any way you look at it, there are great options to fulfill both form and function in your small bedroom.

Night Lamp

Image Source: Hunter Douglas

#3 – Bring in the light

You might think that suggesting sheer or lightweight draperies in a bedroom is a terrible idea. I’m here to tell you that it can be done! We love making use of lightweight window coverings in a smaller space to keep as much natural light in the space as possible. The airy fabric will also create some levity in a smaller bedroom and keep things light and bright. At night, the solution for room darkening is to also have a sleek blackout shade. A roller shade style will be tucked up at the top of the window frame and be minimally visible when not in use. Hunter Douglas has many fabulous styles that are super functional when it comes to blackout materials. We love the idea of pairing a simple, almost invisible, blackout shade along with a natural material, such as linen, for the draperies. You can find a designerly way to dress those windows, and we’re here to help!


Image Source: The Container Store

#4 – Keeping things organized

At the heart of any functionally designed space is good organization. The best place to establish such built-in organization is within your bedroom closet. A closed-off space that contains compartmentalized storage is the ideal. Take what you need out of your closet storage and build the components around that. Are you in need of long or short hanging space? Extra shoe storage cubbies? Upper shelf storage bins for seasonal clothes? These are all great options to incorporate into your closet organization. We love the Container Store for sleek and functional ready-made pieces, like the ones seen above. You can also build in some decorative organization into your small bedroom without sacrificing floor space. We love the look of simple, clean-lined floating shelves. Store your jewelry on delicate stands and decorative perfume bottles on a shelf like this for easy daily access and a personal touch. Creating a comfortable and stylish small bedroom is at your fingertips!


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