Tuscan Inspired Sacramento

5 Jul Tuscan Inspired Sacramento

It’s almost summertime in Sacramento! That means river days, ice cream in the park, and outdoor evening dinner parties. What better time to re-vitalize your Sacramento landscape design than now?

Sacramento’s climate holds many similarities to the climate in Tuscany which means we can enjoy our evening glass of wine (or cool can of Track 7) in a mediterranean inspired landscape.

Here are a few quick tips for bringing mediterranean vibes to your Sacramento landscape design.  

1. Sprinkle some sunflower seeds throughout your sacramento summer garden. Nothing screams Tuscany like a field of yellow sunflowers. Not only will these vibrant beauties brighten your outdoor living space, they will help save the bees!

2. Landscape part of your Sacramento yard with “pods” of planting with a variety of lavender, rosemary, and native grasses.  This mounded look  is very villa-inspired and is fairly easy to achieve and maintain.

3. Head to Sacramento’s antique fair and the plethora of vintage stores in search of some antique wooden or metal dining chairs to set your outdoor dining area apart. A Sacramento backyard design wouldn’t be complete without a place to enjoy our warm summer evening.

4. Incorporate a tuscan color scheme into your Sacramento landscape design through painted walls, shutters, planted pots, etc. Mediterranean color schemes tend to consist of warm earth tones with colorful accents.

5. Keep it rooted in California. It’s easy to get caught up in a specific style, our number one recommendation would be to make sure it doesn’t get too theatrical. Allow your Sacramento landscape design to be inspired by a tuscan landscape while remaining true to your personal style and staying with California native plants.

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