DBM’s Custom Furniture

18 Jun DBM’s Custom Furniture

Sacramento seems to be suddenly booming with creative makers and designers. At Design by Misha we are SO enjoying the increased interest in Sacramento custom furniture and lighting design. We always jump at the opportunity to design custom furniture and light fixtures for our sacramento clients.

Some of our favorite projects have included custom furniture and lighting design.

Misha was the mastermind behind this custom light that sits happily above a pool table. This custom light was such as success it’s hard to tell whether it’s the pool table or the light that are the central focus in the room.

pool table

Over the years, we have enjoyed designing many a custom table for our clients in and out of Sacramento. Recently, we were able to collaborate on some charging tables, dining tables, and bar tables with a sacramento maker for one of our commercial projects. The final pieces came out beautifully and add a unique edge to what was once a (very boring) traditional cafeteria.

custom table

custom table

custom table

Working with local sacramento makers often makes designing custom furniture and lights even more enjoyable. There are so many great sacramento makers that beautifully execute our designs and work with us and our clients to make sure each piece is unique, long lasting and a perfect fit for its new home!

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