4 Amazing Design Options for your Bathroom Vanities

6 Jun 4 Amazing Design Options for your Bathroom Vanities

When it comes to decorating and livening up your bathroom spaces, there’s nothing better than bathroom vanities. Not only do they add character but are also immensely useful. Let’s be honest, there’s probably nothing that looks more untidy than your toiletries lying around the bathroom sink. Stack them away neatly with the help of these pretty bathroom vanities.

Bathroom vanities designed with this beautiful inset custom shelf continue to catch our eye. We love when you can display your pretty little things in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. It’s also a way to draw your eyes up to a tile or finish element that ties the space together.

Though it’s simple, and some would say subtle, this design adds so much to space. Sometimes the simplest of designs take a lot of planning and attention. But in the end, it’s oh-so-rewarding!

Finishes in wood or a natural texture render warmth to the usual cold mirror. Additionally, the use of custom lighting around or behind can really elevate and create an ambient mood with functionality.

In many ways, this design is also a total throwback to the old “medicine cabinet.” But, of course, creating a much more modern and visually pleasing aspect to that amazing hidden storage space! What’s not to like?

Creating the multiple paneled mirrors with storage matching the length of the bathroom wall can remove the need for storage below a sink and gives the bathroom the opportunity to have a very simple pedestal sink or simple floating design.

We’re loving these design options that make us rethink the norm. What’s your norm? Let’s change it!design options that make us rethink

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