It’s go time!!!

11 Jul It’s go time!!!

There once was a silly young couple who bought a mid-century modern house from original owners which was in dire need of a serious facelift.  

The young couple

The young couple

It was a slightly overwhelming project at the time but slowly they chipped away at it, doing most of the work themselves herself until they created something beautiful.  


The young couple brought all their kids home to this house, shared the first 9.5 years of marriage in it, and created so many amazing memories.  I guarantee you there were tears shed when this young family moved away from good ol’ Wymore Way!


============================== (insert record scratch!!!!)

Fast forward to now – these crazy people (yes it’s us!) are going to attempt to do it again….only  this time we’re running 3 businesses, juggling 3 kids, and managing loads of contractors and we have even higher hopes!!!  And let me tell you, this project is even bigger!  And definitely more overwhelming!  



Welcome to #SunsetToSunset!   You see, this house was a gift from a Mr. to his Mrs. back in 1962 (you read that right…a gift!  Who gifts a house these days?!?!?) complete with the key to the house wrapped and placed under the tree on a cold Christmas morning.  It was a true show home and one of the first in the area.  Finishes were obviously meticulously selected in 1962 and are so representative of the time and are remarkably in tact including all of this wallpaper — yes ALL of it!  

Untitled presentation


Even this felted wall paper in the formal diningFullSizeRender 4

 AND this other one in the master suite FullSizeRender 2 don’t worry, it’s not the same, it’s just barely different, I mean why have 1 felted wallpaper when you can have 2!  


There are some absolutely amazing things about this house as well, don’t get me wrong(if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t have bought it!)…high vaulted ceilings, structure and layout, architectural features…  #sunsetTosunset sits on .33 of an acre in the Sacramento area and was featured in many publications circa 1965 including Sunset Magazine in May ‘65 (@SunsetMag) and CA Landscape Design and Construction.

The original Sunset Magazine!

The original Sunset Magazine!

 Sunset Magazine highlighted this house because of it’s amazing backyard and landscape design, and all though there’s plenty to do on the exterior, we see way more potential in the interior!

We are excited to be starting on this journey!  Make sure to follow along on IG, Facebook, Twitter and of course the blog to see the changes, follow the progress, and watch some drama(I’m sure there’ll be something!) unfold as we remodel this #sunsetTosunset house and create something beautiful!



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