6 Ways to Choose a Wonderful Wall Curtain to Decorate Your Home

6 Jun 6 Ways to Choose a Wonderful Wall Curtain to Decorate Your Home

When planning how to decorate your home, many of us underestimate the importance of wall curtains. Some of us may even overlook this crucial aspect of interior design. However, any styling expert would agree that wall curtains are an amazing addition to your space that adds warmth and character. Here are 6 easy ways in which you can select beautiful wall curtains and liven up your interiors.

1 – Elegant wall covering

When you want to decorate your home, a fresh coat of paint sometimes just won’t cut it. But you can count on a wall curtain to punch up the character of your space. We love the idea of using a draped pleat to amp up the visual interest of the material. One surefire way to select the right material for your room is to look to an art piece you love for color inspiration. Go on now, get inspired!

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2 – Airy Room Divider

When you have a multi-functional living space that could use some visual separation, look no further than a wall curtain to create a partition. This is a great solution for renters, as a curtain can be made to be removable. We love it as a chic look for homeowners as well, creating an airy way to keep things more compartmentalized. No matter your living situation, this solution is a great one to decorate your home too.

When planning how and where to hang or mount your wall curtain divider, it can be helpful to photograph your room from multiple angles and visualize where the best placement might be. This way you can do some trial and error without making holes in the walls or ceiling. For a real design pro trick, try printing the photos and get creative by drawing in the curtains to try out various placement, size and color options before commiting.

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3 – Charming Window Covering

Okay, it’s time to decorate your home, and you’re already feeling like you don’t want the same old thing. Don’t worry, because we have the creative and charming wall curtain look you’ve been waiting for. There are many ways to hang window coverings besides the usual curtain rod, but we’ve been all heart eyes for this fun idea.

Start with a gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood or two, depending on the width of your window, and add on some small coat hooks. Technically, the single hook style, seen here, is called a “robe hook,” but any hook or knob that catches your eye will do. Then, using some tab topped curtain panels, slip them over each hook for a breezy beautiful wall curtain that will make your friends jealous. We would be!

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4 – Dreamy Bedroom Canopy

So you’re ready for some beach vacation vibes, but living on a staycation budget? Girl, same. Creating a bed canopy of curtains will make you feel like your living that resort life, 24/7.

To make this boho beach dream a reality, we recommend starting with some white and light fabric curtain panels, then adding the pops of color using some oh so elegant bed linens and throw pillows. You can never have too many throw pillows, am I right?

Securing the curtain panels can be done in a few ways, depending on your room. If you have tall ceilings, mount the panels from the ceiling perimeter of your bed for maximum drama. Otherwise, you can also make a billowy curtain backdrop as a headboard by hanging the panel(s) from the wall behind your bed. This is your beach resort fantasy, so get creative. We’ll see you on the sand!

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5 – Creative Closet Covering

If you’re like us, and you want a walk-in closet, but aren’t ready to start tearing down walls, then a luxe wall curtain could be a perfect solution for you!

You can start with an existing closet space with the doors removed (buh-bye ugly 70’s mirrored sliders!) and add a tension rod or a mounted curtain rod. Then, find your favorite drapery panels to hang up and voila! Instant style points and a cleaned up look with all of your clutter hidden away.

Another design solution would be to create a closet space where there wasn’t one previously. Add a few wall mounted shelves and closet rods along an open wall, then ceiling mount a drapery rod or track to create a barrier in front of it, like the one seen below. Decorate your home with any of these closet coverings and you’re sure to impress!

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6 – Pretty Patio Shades

When the weather heats up, all we want to do is live outside and what better place to do that than a shady draped patio! Did someone say “margaritas”?

Send out the fiesta invites, because your patio will be entertainment ready, just like the Cabo-chic backyard pictured below!

Amp up your indoor/outdoor living by taking advantage of this simple DIY project. Starting with an existing structure, whether that’s a freestanding cabana-like the ones seen below, a pergola or other shade structure, or even simply the roof edge along your back patio, there’s a version of this project that’s right for you.

For vertical hanging wall curtains, you’re going to need some durable, outdoor rated drapery panels. Sunbrella is one of our absolute faves and you’re not sacrificing style for durability with a plethora of designer grade textiles to choose from. Hanging these from stainless metal curtain rods, or tension wire is the best bet, but a sealed wood option would work equally as well.

Make sure you have plenty of fabric to play with to get that billowy seaside worthy look. I can feel the tension leaving my shoulders already! Time to sit back, relax, and envision that ocean breeze wafting through your new patio curtains.

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