14 Jun Wallpaper


Check out Design by Misha’s latest round-up of beautiful wall coverings that are making us swoon over here! In Sacramento, we’ve been able to really upgrade the design of some spaces by simply adding a modern, showstopping, mural or wallcovering that really transforms the entire mood of the room.

The first and second wallcovering reminds us of our childhood days of playing with “paint bubbles” on a large table and later seeing the dried masterpiece. We’ve so been wanting to get our childhood aprons on and get lost in this marbling activity! I’m not so sure it will turn out as beautifully as these wallcoverings from Calico Wallpaper but it’s definitely worth getting our hands dirty trying.

Jungle paper has really made this awesome comeback from its former glory days. We’ve been seeing it in commercial tiki bar designs, commercial restaurant designs, dining rooms, living rooms, you name it. It’s such a fun way to bring an element of life (like plants always do) but in a larger scaled way.

Number four is a mood-inducing stunner. I love the classical and versatile design this mural emotes. It can translate in many different styled rooms from very modern to very traditional. I love this versatility!  

Children’s rooms are another great place to have some fun with wallpaper and murals.  We’ve been all about this modern terrazzo inspired wallpaper and excited to get that into our next playroom or child’s room design. Terrazzo has been so hot and summer in Sacramento is also that HOT! It’s a great time to enjoy the AC for a little modern makeover in the kid’s playroom or bedroom while those triple digits are hitting!

What do YOU love about this wallcovering round-up?


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