5 of the Best Way to Decorate a Rental Home

21 Nov 5 of the Best Way to Decorate a Rental Home

Decorating a rental home shouldn’t be seen as a daunting task. There are so many creative solutions to keep up with the style, while still be flexible enough to keep your rental deposit safe! We have just the tips and tricks to get you started. Whether you’re a college student making the most of a small space, or a family who wants to freshen up their rental home with a punch of style. Decorating your rental home is a way to make this temporary space feel more like home. Read on to see how we can help you put the “fun” in “functional” design!

1. Temporary wall coverings

There are so many options to give your walls a trendy update without permanently altering them. We love the gorgeous patterns available in removable wallpapers lately, but there are other DIY options available as well. Create your own geometric pattern on the wall using colorful Washi Tape. This paper tape comes in so many colors and prints, and is easily removed without residue when it’s time to move on, or when it’s time to redecorate! There are also some unique wall covering design options in the form of decals. These vinyl cut outs can be much more chic than a simple inspirational quote. We love a bold geometric print, a big bright floral, or even some simple polka dots. These options can be changed as easily as your mood, so it’s time to get sticky!


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2. Moveable Storage

A typical challenge with any rental property is the storage space, or lack thereof. One of the most versatile pieces you could get for your space is a furnishing that is easily moveable (nothing huge and bulky) and has enclosed storage. This challenge can be met in a number of ways, but we like the idea of a smaller sideboard type piece that has interior shelving and closed cabinet doors to hide any clutter. This style piece will look at home in your dining room, living room, or even entryway or bedroom. Really any stylish smaller storage piece will help save your sanity when it comes to decorating your rental home.


Image Source: Westelm

3. Multi-Functional Furniture

Another amazing way to make the most of your rental home is to decorate with multi functional furniture. Depending on how you plan to decorate your rental home and which room might have the greatest need for a multi functional space, there are a few great furnishing options we’d recommend. A daybed is a great way to save space, but can also be used as a sofa or a guest bed. Add some decorative pillows to give it some style for the day to day look. One newer trend we keep seeing is the coffee table with the lift up surface. If your like us and live and work on your laptop, this is a great multi function option where you can lift the table surface up to lap level. A favorite and classic furnishing design is bench seating with storage underneath. This is a great option for a breakfast nook area, or a mudroom space. Stash anything and everything out of sight, that’s our motto!


Image  Source: BirchLane

4. Artwork

We love to get creative when planning out artwork options for a wall. “Art” doesn’t have to mean a framed piece. You can utilize large plates, woven baskets, macrame wall hangings, mirrors, planters, really anything that catches your fancy! And you don’t have to feel limited when decorating your rental home, because most items can be hung without damaging the wall. How you may ask? The almighty “Command Strip”. Made by 3M, these lovely little sticky tabs are wall friendly and come in a variety of attachment options. You can get smaller art hanging hooks, double sided velcro like tabs, or even larger coat hook sizes. Of course, for heavier objects, you can always use nails or screws, as long as it’s allowed by your landlord and you know how to do some simple patching when you move out! Plan out your artwork wall first by using blue tape to layout placement of each item, step back to view the whole thing and keep adjusting until you have it perfect. Then, start attaching the real objects, one at a time. Get that gallery wall going, lady!


Image Source: HGTV

5. Accessories

A simple way to make your rental home feel more personal is to decorate with accessories. If you’re like us and much of your rental time was spent with most of your budget going towards the rent itself, then buying accessories to decorate with might feel like a small luxury you can’t afford. We’re here to tell you that it’s not necessary to break the bank, and you don’t have to buy loads of items to make a big impact. Once you have a feel for the theme you are planning to decorate your rental home in, it will be easier to pick out key accessories that enhance that overall theme. Also, a decorative accessory can be functional as well. One of the first items I like to buy for a new space I’m moving into is a floral vase. This can be any decorative container or vase that fits in with your decor and can look just as great empty as when it’s full of fresh flowers. I like to leave mine as the centerpiece of my dining table. When you’re out shopping and something catches your eye, go for it! Your beautiful rental home will thank you!


Image Source: BirchLane


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