4 examples to create good modular kitchen designs?

14 Nov 4 examples to create good modular kitchen designs?

A great solution for any kitchen space planning is modular kitchen design! Using modular kitchen components can customize any space to fit your needs. Make the most of any shaped space you’re working with. With modular kitchen design, there is a way to make your space functional, no matter what size it is. Read on to find smart planning options for the most common kitchen shapes and how to get the best flow to get your culinary masterpieces started! The modular kitchen trend is here to keep your space fresh and modern. Get a clean look while maintaining style and performance at your fingertips, let’s get planning!

The Basics:

With any good kitchen design, it’s best to go into it with a well thought out plan. No matter which layout suits you best (4 ideas below) you can start with some basic organizational solutions to get off on the right foot. Think about the 5 types of items which are typically stored in a kitchen: Cooking, Prep, Cleaning, Consumables and Non-consumables. If you can compartmentalize your cabinets and drawer storage into these areas, it should be much easier to decipher how much storage you will need. Too many consumables? Maybe you will need a separate pantry storage space? A few too many cleaning products to fit under the sink? Either add in additional cabinetry to your renovation plans, or locate an alternate storage location within another part of the home. No matter what your kitchen plans entail, starting with these basic organization principles will take you far!

1 – ‘L’ Shaped Kitchen

The L shaped kitchen is great for functionality. It’s open and accessible and works for smaller scale and larger open concept kitchens as well. When you’re working with this shape, it’s important to utilize super functional storage solutions, as there could be somewhat less counter space than other layouts. That’s not a problem with modular kitchens! Each cabinet ‘box’ can house a multitude of useful organizational tools. Anywhere from pull out shelves, vertical storage dividers, glide out supports and racks for small appliances, built in trash and recycle containers and much more. Make the most of your L shaped space by hand picking the right components to fit your needs.


Image Source: AnimalFactsBlog

2 – ‘U’ Shaped Kitchen

The U shaped kitchen is a dream when it comes to accessibility. Every area of the kitchen is steps within reach. We find that with strategic space planning, this shape of modular kitchen is a wonderful option when designing your kitchen. In the U shaped kitchen, the key is to make the most of your lower cabinet storage, leaving plenty of usable work surface on the countertops. This layout is a great choice for utilizing open shelving, rather than upper cabinets. Time to show off that gorgeous dishware you’ve been waiting to put on display!


Image Source: BHG

3 – Parallel Kitchen

The parallel kitchen is gaining popularity in the design world as it lends itself well to the open concept floor plan. We think this is not just a fleeting moment, because this style of kitchen design can become anything from ultra modern, to simple and classic. This kitchen layout is characterized by two parallel banks of storage, whether that’s cabinetry or open shelving, and is typically seen used where there are long walls to work with. What stylish components would you like to see used in your new parallel kitchen? We love a good waterfall edged countertop, do you?


Image Source: BlogLovin

4 – Island Kitchen

The Island kitchen is the statement making kitchen. We love having the island as the focal point of a stylish kitchen design. There are so many ways to make that island functional to fit your needs. Whether that’s with incorporated seating, additional storage, or even specialty appliances like warming drawers or drink/wine refrigerators. The possibilities are endless and we love getting creative with the choices to suit each kitchen. Whether you have the space available for a massive floating continent, or a more quaint archipelago, designing an island kitchen can work with your style and budget. Can’t you just picture yourself entertaining guests, wine glass in hand, all around your beautiful kitchen island? This kitchen island design was just what the client was looking for to make their space come together. Click below to check out the rest of the gallery, because you’ve got to see all angles of this immaculate and stylish kitchen!


Image Source: DesignByMisha

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