How To Repurpose Old Doors In Interior Design?

28 Nov How To Repurpose Old Doors In Interior Design?

It’s time to raid your granny’s storage space and find those hidden gems – Old doors! Any way you can get your hands on an old door is great, because they are so versatile for repurposing. The latest trends show old or antique doors being utilized for anything from desks to ceiling treatments! The possibilities are endless! No need to drudge through endless posts on Pinterest, we have 6 amazing uses for those old doors right here! It’s time to get your DIY on with us and make your rustic-chic dreams come true! Read on for our cherry picked solutions on repurposing old doors.

#1 – A desk to get workin’ on!

Using an old door repurposed as a desk will make you feel super accomplished, not only for the creating the desk itself, but just think of all the work you’ll get done at your new workspace!

There are a myriad of ways you can customize your new workstation, based on your interior design and the type of door you are working with. Get yourself to the local hardware store and make use of plumbing pipes and fittings for the desk base to create an affordable industrial chic look. If the surface of your old door is too uneven for a desktop, add a custom cut piece of tempered glass for a smooth work surface – bonus for a adding fun photos or trinkets under the glass to keep it personal! We recommend a ¾” tempered glass with a flat polished edge and slightly rounded corners, which your glass maker can recommend an appropriate radius for. I feel accomplished already, do you?


Image Source: HandyFather

#2 – A Ceiling with lots of charm!

A surefire way to enhance your newly designed interior space is by repurposing old antique doors or reclaimed wood. This is an awesome way to be green friendly and add character to your home. You’ll need some helping hands with this project, but the outcome will be well worth the effort. We love the idea of using an ornate old door as a focal point on the ceiling, as a sort of large scale ceiling medallion above a hanging light fixture. You can also make use of multiple doors, or reclaimed wood pieces (such as old flooring material) across the span of an entire ceiling. This is where the helping hands comes in, to make sure you get these secured properly. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the professionals for this one!


Image Source: UnSkinnyBoppy

#3 – A Hall Tree full of life!

Is your home entryway a one stop dropping point for everyone in the house like ours is? Everything from Coats, bags, shoes, hats – you name it – ends up right inside the front door! We have the stylish solution to keep this zone clutter free! Get your hands on an old vintage or antique door and use it as the backing for a great looking hall tree. By using the door vertically, you can easily add some coat hooks towards the top, or even a few down low for the little ones. Depending on your interior design style, you can use more modern or some antique hooks. We love the idea of building out a bench seat or shelf at the bottom, which will help support the door, but does double duty as a place to sit and put on shoes and also store shoes underneath. No more muddy shoes trekking through the house, doesn’t that sound great! This concept can be customized in so many ways to suit your needs, time to get creative!

Hall Tree full of life

#4 – Simply stunning Barn Doors!

If your a design show aficionado, then you’ve surely seen the sliding ‘barn door’ trend in full force recently. And we can see why, adding great utility, texture and warmth to a room is something we can fully get behind! This concept can be stepped up a notch by using old doors rather than new ones. Even better if you come across a matching pair of old doors for a double door look, but the sliding barn door style can be used with a single panel as well. You can find some great ready to use hardware for this purpose, typically seen in a black wrought iron finish, but available in others as well. Try a stainless steel finish for a contemporary spin and an even more eclectic outcome when paired with a rustic old door. This is a great update for places in your home where previously the solution would have been a pocket door. We love this stylish update and can’t wait to make use of it in our home!


Image Source: HomeBunch

#5 – One of a kind Pantry Door!

Another home update we can’t wait to try ourselves is the addition of a unique pantry door. We are loving the idea of incorporating found objects into design and using an old door fits right into that wheelhouse. One awesome way to showcase a stylized old door is by replacing your standard pantry door with it. What a great way to add character and charm to your kitchen design. We would recommend considering a door with a vibrant color, or if you choose, painting the door with one. Up the charm factor by lettering the word ‘PANTRY’ onto the door – bonus points if it’s a door with a glass window! Paint the glass to be frosted if you want to hide any not so organized pantry goodies behind it. If you aren’t ready to play artist with hand lettering just yet, ordering a custom vinyl decal is an easy and inexpensive solution.


Image Source: CarlaAston

#6 – Let’s get creative!

Chalkboard / Photo or Art Display / Room Divider / Plant Stand

We love getting our hands dirty with any great DIY project for the home, so the ideas just kept coming when thinking of what can be done with old doors. We think the key to a successful outcome is utilizing the best door for your project.

  • If you have one with a large flat panel, painting that area with chalkboard paint would turn out beautifully. Prop up the door near your dining area and you have a ready to customize menu board!
  • If your antique door has glass panels, we would make the most of that by displaying photos or art prints behind the glass. Use double sided tape for a seamless look (knowing that it’s not removable from the photos), or some decorative and trendy washi tape to tack up the photos would be adorable and scream “Pinterest worthy”!
  • Does your old door have ornate details on both sides? Make use of that by adding some feet to the base so it can become a freestanding room divider. You could also bracket the door to a wall to hold it up vertically and visually separate spaces that way. This would work well for a smaller apartment with one large dining/living area.
  • With a cool old wooden door, there is no shortage of character, but maybe you want to add some life to your room as well. Bolting some plant hanging brackets, then hanging some green leafy beauties will surely do the trick. Or, secure some smaller wood shelves to the door as a platform for your treasured succulents. Get your green thumb on, girl!

Let’s get creative1Let’s get creative2


Let’s get creative3Let’s get creative4

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