4 useful tips to decorate large living rooms

7 Nov 4 useful tips to decorate large living rooms

When home shopping, the top of many buyers wish list is having a large living room. Then, when all is said and done, having to decorate such a large space can pose some issues. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few tried and true design solutions to make that large living room comfortable and functional for your family.

1. Multiple Seating Areas

One surefire way to make such a large space work well is by compartmentalizing the room into multiple seating areas. Make a mental list of what you and your family will be using the living room for? Maybe you need a TV Seating area, a more formal seating area, or even a cozy reading nook. Now, with those areas as your guidelines, group appropriate seating pieces together. That deep-seated sectional sofa is prime TV watching seating. And those great wingback chairs you’ve had for years finally find a great home in the corner near the bookcase for a serene reading nook. Build off of pieces you have and make sure you’re sticking to the appropriate seating piece for the space when buying new. That goes for the appropriate upholstery too! Italian linen probably isn’t the best choice for a chair the dog likes to jump onto. Making the space functional for your lifestyle from the start means less stress down the road, trust us!

2. Separate Space by Zones

Seating areas are just one example of the type of zones you can incorporate into your large living room to make it more functional and inviting. One way we like to visually separate zones within a living space is with the use of area rugs. Think of using an area rug in your large living room like you’re putting a large post-it note down on the floor that says “this is the seating area”. It’s a visual delineation without having to use a wall of furniture to physically surround each zone. Also, a large enough living room can have multiple functions, so don’t be afraid to think a little outside of the box. Maybe a game table and chair set is a fun addition for your family? Or, perhaps a tidy desk area complete with calendar and other necessities will become your new household ‘command central’. Whatever you can dream up, there will be a way to find a zone for it in your large living room.

3. Large Scale Furnishings

If there’s ever a time to go big, having a large living room is the place to make that happen. We envision a grand set of bookcases, filled with books and other decorative mementos. Plus, a great deep-seated sofa that is way too easy to sink into with a cozy blanket and never emerge from again. Whatever your desire is for your space, it’s easy to make a statement and adequately fill a room with some large scale furniture.

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4. Main Focal Point

A great way to make a large living room feel cohesive and comfortable is with the use of a main focal point. The focal point can be any number of things, depending on how you’d like to use the space. The fireplace, the TV, a large art piece, or maybe even a breathtaking view out of the window are wonderful examples of typical living room decor that can be amped up to become the star of the room. When working with a fireplace as the focal point, don’t be afraid to bring the drama by utilizing the entire wall space, floor to ceiling. Maybe cladding the fireplace surround and the wall above it with a beautiful stonework, or a nice tile design, or even a reclaimed wood paneling (making sure to use fire same material around the fireplace opening of course). Drawing the eye up to the ceiling and using a material with great visual interest and texture will make for a show-stopping focal point. Use a similar idea if the TV is your focus. A specialized material used on the wall the TV is mounted onto will make that space more substantial than simply mounting the TV on a blank wall. When the view out of the window is meant to be the focal point, make sure you’re properly framing that beauty with the right window dressing. Hanging the drapery rod at the ceiling height, plus extending the brackets on each side of the window to accommodate the curtain ‘stack’, or how wide the curtain panels are when fully opened, will maximize the view potential.

With these key designer tips, you’ll have a sensational focal point that fits just right in your home.

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