2017 Color of the Year

8 Mar 2017 Color of the Year

Here at Design by Misha we just can’t get over Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year. We love the idea of incorporating Greenery through a statement furniture piece, fun wall color or some sleek throw pillows. But really, what better way to bring Greenery to your home than with some living plants!
Houseplants are a staple in most California homes. They bring the outside in, purify the air, and make longing for spring just a little less painful during these winter months. Here’s some of our favorite house plants that might just be the perfect way to bring greenery into your home.
Pothos Plant
For the not-so-green-thumb gardener we would recommend a Pothos Plant (commonly known as Devil’s Ivy). This simple and sassy Ivy requires minimal love, and give A LOT in return. It’s seriously not picky about anything: it’s happy in most light conditions, can be planted in any soil (or none at all), and can go weeks without watering.
Pothos Plant
For those of you cramped for extra room, think about incorporating an indoor succulent and/or cactus garden to enliven your small space. They’ll be happy to soak in the sun from your windowsill and won’t ask much of you as they are relatively easy to please!
cactus garden
If you’re looking for a plant that will refresh your home try out a rubber plant. Rubber plants clean the air by emitting high oxygen content. They also help to clear your home of chemicals such as formaldehyde. Breath deeper in your home knowing your rubber plant is working hard to improve your indoor air quality!
rubber plant
If you’re looking to get extra unique with where you grow your indoor plants check out these awesome light fixtures we were able to incorporate into one of our kitchen designs. You can purchase some for yourself here!
kitchen designs
There’s about a million more indoor plants that we love and would recommend for some real life greenery, what are some of your favorites?

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