Interior Decoration Tips and Tricks

27 Apr Interior Decoration Tips and Tricks

Interior design and interior decoration inform and work in harmony to create beautiful spaces. We’ve managed to learn a few tricks that make interior decoration just a little bit easier.
Interior Decoration Tip #1: Hang your art at eye level.
Nothing is worse than a piece of art that is hung to high. Art is meant to be seen, therefore you shouldn’t have to strain your neck to get a good look at it. If you hang your art approximately 57” from the floor to the center of the piece you should be safe. We love this little living room gallery from A Cup of Jo.
Interior Decoration Tips and Tricks
Interior decoration Tip #2: Allow rugs to fill the space.

Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to choosing the right rug to decorate your space with. Check out this helpful graphic  courtesy of Magnolia Market.
Interior Decoration Tips and Tricks1
Interior decoration Tip #3 Group decorations in odd numbers.

Decorations often look best in odd numbered groups (the same applies to flower arrangements!). Try to work in groups of 3 and 5 when decorating your bookshelves, staging your coffee table, or sprucing up your guest bathroom.

Interior decoration Tip #4: Vary the heights of your interior decorations.

Try to work with something vertical, something horizontal, and something to bridge the gap. This might mean some books laid sideways, some books upright, and a small picture frame set on the horizontal books to “bridge the gap”. Check out these seamlessly styled shelves courtesy of Amber Interiors for some inspiration.
Interior Decoration Tips and Tricks2
Now that you’ve learned all these easy tricks remember- rules are meant to be broken! Just because something may work in most cases, doesn’t mean it will definitely work in your space. Don’t be afraid to play around with interior decoration. It’s your home, so the ultimate goal is that YOU like what you see!

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