Residential interior design

3 May Residential interior design

A tufted leather sofa can set the tone of any residential interior design. Here are a couple of Design by Misha’s favorites. The modern chesterfield has the edge of being modern and classic, with its long mid-century legs, and sharp square angles. The classic chesterfield is always a go to for many varying styled spaces and has stood the test of time. It’s a classic that will never truly go out of style. Channel tufted leather is such a fun throwback to classic but also is a trending item in the world of residential interior design. The clean lines of the channel tufting is alluring and adds some dimension to any space. The vintage leather sofa is our latest score for a residential interior design client that has an authentic mid-century home. The softened corners of this original is what makes this piece so interesting. Share with us your favorite sofa!


  1. Modern Chesterfield ||  02. Classic Chesterfield ||  03.Channel Tufted Leather  ||  04. Vintage Leather Chesterfield


Residential interior design



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