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22 Apr Office Interior Design

Office interior design has recently gone through a drastic change. The world of cubicles and hierarchical office interior design has been replaced with open office spaces, workspace variety, and office interior design that encourages collaboration. While this office interior design trend started with the uber creative (and different) designs for large tech companies such as Google and Facebook, it is quickly becoming more mainstream for all types of offices.

We at Design by Misha are all about this shift in office interior design. We love the idea of working in constant collaboration and in spaces that inspire. Some of our favorite interior design details from these open office interiors are:

1.These working pods create a space within in space and allow anyone to take a seat and work a few hours away from a traditional desk.
Office Interior Design

  1. We’re also pretty excited about these sustainable desks that allow for employees to have their personal work space without feeling disconnected from the rest of their office. These desks are also made from sustainable sourced wood and can be customized to any office space!

Office Interior Design1

  1. We have started to notice creative incorporations of large writing spaces into interior office design. Whether it be a full wall, a sliding panel, or a cupboard door- there are endless possibilities for whiteboard areas. Check out this whiteboard room where employees can take a sitting break to work out a problem that may require more space than the traditional notebook can offer.

Office Interior Design2

  1. Office furniture has also changed significantly. Standing desks are becoming a staple in any new office interior design. Modular furniture is also a popular choice for any office lounge since it allows for flexibility and encourages collaboration. Check out this tetris style modular seating area that boasts bright colors as well as a variety of seating options.

Office Interior Design3

While we understand it is still important to have spaces for privacy within most offices, we are excited by these new office interior design innovations and look forward to designing toward this type of office interior design in many of our future office interior design projects.

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