5 Tips and Tricks To Decorate a Tiny Room

12 Dec 5 Tips and Tricks To Decorate a Tiny Room

Some design hurdles seem difficult to overcome without major construction renovations, but even when dealing with a tiny room, we have the right design solutions to make your space livable and lovable. Small spaces can have big style with just a few small adjustments. We have the details to get your small bedroom design living up to its style and function potential. Getting the most out of small square footage is our specialty. Read on to find out how we make it happen. No matter what your home design may be, these essential tips and tricks will help the interior design of your small bedroom.

1. Dark Walls

Painting dark walls may seem counterintuitive, but in actuality dark colors are visually receding and can make a small space appear larger. For a small bedroom interior design, you may not need to paint the whole room, just an accent wall is helpful. The wall behind your headboard is a great option, or the window wall, or both if they are side by side. Be sure to break up the darkness with a lighter trim, draperies, or wall art. Come to the dark side, we have cookies!


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2. Floating Shelves

When decorating your small bedroom and need to make the most of every square foot, and that means making use of the wall space. A super helpful and stylish storage solution can be adding some floating wall shelves. These can be designed to coordinate with any number of styles. We love a great modern design with clean lines and simple, or no, brackets. Use these shelves for decorative display, jewelry, plants or books.


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3. Under Bed Storage

Another awesome storage solution when designing your small bedroom is to utilize the under bed space.There are a few ways you can make this storage space functional. One is some simple lidded storage bins tucked away underneath. Another, if you maybe don’t have a bedskirt, could be to use some decorative baskets. A creative option for under bed storage is to add some built in cubbies around the perimeter, which can be in view, or covered by a bedskirt. Whatever the solution, making the most of the empty under bed space is a great way to design your small bedroom. Let’s get stashing!


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4. Mirrors

Using mirrors as a way to add visual space is an old tip, but a good one when used in your small bedroom interior design correctly. We love the idea of a wall mounted mirror (save that precious floor space!) with a decorative frame, that can be functional and add some style points. If it’s an option in your space, hanging the mirror opposite the window wall can reflect the natural light and help to brighten up the space. No need to go full-on mirrored closet doors, just adding a small reflective surface will lend itself well to the openness of the room. Bonus points for having a place to do a final makeup touch up before walking out the door.


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5. Draperies

For draperies in your small bedroom, less is not more. The best rule of thumb for hanging draperies is to use the full height of the room. Hang the curtain rod along the ceiling edge and make sure your drapery length reaches the floor. For a smaller room, we’d suggest that they just graze the floor, rather than puddle at the base. This method will create visual height to the room, which means overall the appearance of more space. Another tip for using draperies in a small space would be to not let them be too full or heavy, which can visually add too much weight. Bulky curtains are better in larger spaces. You can still use lighter material, even if you don’t want to go fully flowy sheer. Draperies are a great way to add color and character to a space with minimal investment. Go wild!


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