Steps to Style Your Home Interiors like a Pro

5 Dec Steps to Style Your Home Interiors like a Pro

It’s been an interesting journey the last several years in the interior design industry watching styles come and styles go. The deep love some have for mid century modern. The attraction others have toward a bohemian vibe. There’s also the very minimal modern look that many also gravitate towards. We each have our own individual pull to different design colors, tones, shapes, and textures. Here at design by misha we definitely lean modern. Not strictly mid century modern, contemporary modern, neither minimal modern. Diversely, a combination of all 3! We love mixing a little of this and that in most of our designs unless a client is dead set on one overall style or era. The most interesting of spaces in our opinion is a strong contrast. Pieces that are a juxtaposition of what they’re expected to be. Throwing a good statement piece like an antique table, dresser, chair, or accessory that is a complete departure and surprise from the overall room’s design aesthetic. We appreciate these different home interior styles for different reasons and how they each add something unique to our world of interiors and design.


Mid century modern has really maintained a strong following throughout the years. The interesting element of a strictly mid century modern space is that EVERYTHING is mid century modern. The home, furniture, and all accessories are mid century modern if it is truly a MCM home. Most architects of the mid century modern era were also furniture designers. Some of our favorites include, George Nelson, Milo Baughman, Eero Saarinen, Florence Knoll, Harry Bertoia, the Eames duo, and Alvar Aalto. Just to name a few. What a time to live and design! This era was oozing with new brilliant ideas and shapes. From a traditional style that lasted quite some time transitioned to bold colors and square and geometric shaped furniture. There are die-hard furniture scouts that scour the classifieds for original pieces without a single ding or scratch. These collectors and savvy dealers have found a niche that has produced quite a métier. The blooming contemporary designer have all paid homage to the great minds of the mid century modern architects and designers.





This casual bohemian inspired look is very fresh and neutral in tone. Lot’s of natural elements like wood, stone, and movement in natural textures. Movement in wood with heavy knotty grains, marbles with beautiful earth given veining. Texture heavy in upholsteries, cushions, floor cushions, and small accessories. Elements of these spaces showcase strong “blocky” wood tables as either foot rests, side tables, or small stools. With this very neutral and  monochromatic ambiance, is usually a strong contrasting black pop. Whether it’s a strongly placed black metal light fixture, or a deep pigmented black art piece. The use of personal items that make a space feel cozy for example; wall hooks with a beautiful collection of straw hats. More vintage items make their way into these spaces like a lovingly worn rug that creates warmth amongst the coolly toned room. We love seeing in this causal interior style some organic ceramics and earthen toned objects and artifacts. Leather and subtle patterns create neutral and tactile interest on the sofas and chairs of a space. Often we’ve seen the various bloggers upstaging their homes with this very natural and effortless interior style that looks just perfectly “lived in”.




Minimal modern has been strongly trending the last couple years. From stark cool or dark walls exhibiting empty space with few assorted furniture pieces. Minimal modern is much more subtle with texture but can still showcase natural finish. Smooth surfaces with subdued pattern or wood grains. We’re seeing a lot of beautiful metal trim and edging through these minimal modern spaces. Strong and smooth rigid shaped fireplaces, open spaces, and window heavy rooms. Represent many minimal modern vibes. Most spaces showcase the influence of marble, stone, and smooth surfaces adding interesting movement. The furnishing in a minimally modern interior is very strong and simply chosen. Minimally modern interiors typically have a large open room or space to the living room and kitchen interior. Properly scaled furnishing with very little accessorizing is how these spaces feel so fresh and clean. The furnishing commonly references mid century modern shapes with a contemporary bend. Exteriors in the arena of a minimal modern home is often a strong white or black paint pigment. White angular and vast geometric shaped residences with black metal encased windows. Natural elements with pops of wood that softens the facade of these home exteriors.





Home interior styles have evolved and will continue to do so. We’ve watched many changes and we’ve observed millennials age, generation X mature, and generation Z flourish. There will be interior style gravitations and pulls in many new and exciting directions. We’ve only touched on a small few of the various home interior styles that can present a space or room. At DBM we love and appreciate design of many different expressions. We especially love a modern influence of design. The goal is a happy marriage of a variation of styles and contrasts that bring it all together in one space.

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