Interior Design Trends You’ll See In 2019

31 Oct Interior Design Trends You’ll See In 2019


Statement ceilings are a design trend we’re seeing a lot of in 2018. We’ve seen beautiful wood treatments to statement colors and sometimes even statement colors with contrast. Texture is everything this year. Going back to a traditional era when ceiling texture, colors, frescoes, and paintings were a large part of design and architecture. With very minimal elements in a room or space you can create such mood or statement by just having a beautiful ceiling pattern. Coving a ceilings is also making a strong come-back. Softening hard corners and edges and feminizing hard angles. The coved ceiling with the additional design or pattern creates art on the ceiling and alleviates the need to add a large art piece or textured statement.

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We also are loving to see the bright colors or muted tones on the ceiling. From matte paint to bright glossy finishes you can easily achieve this look with just a paint can. Adding a simple design trim and creating a pattern or focal point around a light medallion can creatively make a room look custom and expensive on a budget. Wood textures, slats, and custom wood patterns give a space such mood. Wood still creates such a warmth and ambience. You can maintain an existing cement or cold tiled floor in a space with wood flanked ceilings and still have a natural and effortless atmosphere.



Implementing contrast above you and neutralizing the furniture and pieces at arms reach can maintain a modern yet minimal effect. Bringing the ceiling color around the room is another way to create a consistency to a space and minimizes the need for excessive furnishing and loud floor treatments. The wood tones of the furniture adds warmth to a muted palette of the blue gray hue. The linear ceiling treatment in natural elements and tones create an oasis of interest. This ceiling treatment softens the hard floor surface and also eliminates the need for floor coverings. Neutral ceilings are always a classic. What elevates this space to look so custom and expensive is the beautiful shapes and patterns using delicate trim on this ceiling. Painting the surrounding wall is just the right amount of warmth and contrast in this dining room. The dark floor grounds a bright ceiling and is the right amount of cozy for your dining experience.


dark floor grounds



Another 2018 trend we’re continually admiring is those curvey couches. Bring back those curves! After the last several years of such masculine edges and sharp and hard industrial surfaces things have gone much more feminine. Softening of hard surfaces and textures is something millennials especially are gravitating to since we are constantly feeling hard objects like our phones, computers, ipads, and etc. The design world has taken a subtle turn toward the feminine and we don’t hate it. What’s so fun about these curved sofas is how they are against all uniformity. Some of these sofas may look more like a warped chaise lounge and really changing the expected to the unexpected.


The best part of these lovely bean shapes are the backs! So many sofas have no dimension or interest in back but the fun part of a curved sofa is that it’s equally appealing on both sides. We’ve even seen some variations in back cushions like channel tufting — that are just the right amount of playfulness. The textures and shapes are a total 80’s throwback! Textures and fabrics are in all varieties from velvet to boucle with some wool blends.

vladimir kagan sofa

Placement is key when implementing a curvy sofa to a space where you can truly appreciate all sides. You can also pair your sofa with another piece that has very strong edges and character.



One of the most important part of one’s home is it’s comfort. What you physically, and tangibly feel with your hands, feet, and human every day. We’re seeing woven textures from light fixtures, to wall hangings, to fabric upholstery and textiles. Woven pieces like footstools or poufs can really bring softness and ambiance. We’re finding ourselves drawn more and more to texture and away from solid smooth surfaces. Currently trending are ceramics with less refinement and perfection but surfaces with organic character. We’re seeing textiles with movement and pillows that comprise multiple fabric weaves throughout. Fabrics like linen, cotton, wools, and silks. Many different design elements and pieces for your home are being influenced to have some aspect of texture. From throws, to upholstery, to furniture. Hard edges are slowly making their quiet exit. Fresh designs are expressing more tactile interest to objects. We’ve watched even lighting designs have some interesting forms and organic texture. The whole “Mad Men” era is hot in the upholstery department. boucle and a heavy weave is the rage in upholstery.

organic texture

Basket weaves

Basket weaves and natural materials that weave a story can elevate and contrast a minimal modern space. Cement finishes are evolving to tell a story and depart from such a smooth surface. We’re excited about this subtle yet explorative change in the design world.


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