Sacramento Kitchen Design & Bathroom Remodel

1 Apr Sacramento Kitchen Design & Bathroom Remodel

Everywhere we look, zellige Moroccan tile is making a strong statement among kitchen designs and bathroom remodels. The texture of zellige tile is stunning in every way: it’s handcrafted from white clay that is unrefined, and then glazed over in traditional glass colors. Zellige tile gives a nod to Old World, but also maintains a modern feel by it’s consistent square-mosaic design. zellige has a certain kind of sheen that surrenders the feeling of a natural element (almost a mother-of-pearl aura). We’ve seen this in many show-stopping kitchen designs in a myriad of colors from emerald green, minty blue, coral, red, white, and even black (to name a few). The bathroom remodel with white zellige on the shower ceiling is such a brilliant way to encapsulate the ambiance this tile emotes. DBM is excited about implementing this beautiful tile in the next bathroom remodel or kitchen design! Are you as excited as we are about seeing this new tile trend? Would you use zellige in YOUR next bathroom remodel or kitchen design?

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