The Intro

27 May The Intro

OMG!  We just bought a MAJOR project!!!


Holy moly!  Our crazy family of 5 just bought an amazing Mid Century Modern home which is in need of a complete make-over!  Are we crazy?…maybe!  But here we go!!!

This house was featured in Sunset Magazine in May 1965 for it’s beautiful backyard landscape and ground-breaking design, but we are seeing fresh and modern potential around every corner of this place!  Our goal is to get this house back into Sunset Magazine in the next year and we hope that you follow along with the progress here, on IG, and Facebook as well.

The house was built as a custom home for the original owners and literally hasn’t been touched since 1962!… It’s crazy!  It was one of the original smart homes of it’s time and even has low-voltage lighting throughout and a serious “control center” for rounding up the kids and bringing the Mr. a cocktail in the lounge.  Speaking of the Mr. – he built this house for his Mrs. and gifted it to her back in 1962 (you read that right…a gift!  Who gifts a house these days?!?!?) complete with the key to the house wrapped and placed under the tree on a cold Christmas morning.

Needless to say, the house has SERIOUS character, like a gold-leafed wet bar, textured wall paper galore, his and her outdoor changing rooms, (photos to come) which we hope to maintain while taking it from ‘62 and bringing it into 2017.  So follow us {#SunsetToSunset} to see the decisions, the progress, the tribulations, and the transformation!



#SunsetToSunset || Sacramento designer Misha Bloom and her crazy family bought a home that was featured in Sunset magazine in 1965; she’s redesigning the house to try to get it into Sunset magazine once again. Follow the progress @design_by_misha! 


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