16 Apr ROUGE

Rouge. It’s on everyone’s lips this spring season. We’re seeing women draped in head-to-toe, monochromatic red from Paris to New York fashion week. It’s no coincidence that the timeless classic red color has remained Design by Misha’s signature color .

The inspiration never ends from doors to floors. This red stain finish is a total stunner and such a cool way to make a statement. We’ve also been seeing more textures of red in upholsteries. Fabric textures like boucles, linens, and beautiful wool blends. Here are some of our favorite red statement pieces in that fiery pigment.


//1. Eames Molded Plywood Chair in red stain. //2. Revolver Bar Stool Red //3. Junit Lamp Record Red //4. Pieces Cushion //5. Tulip Side Table — Red

And let us leave you with some ROUGE to ponder…



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