Terrazzo Take-Over

29 Dec Terrazzo Take-Over

If there’s one thing we’ve fallen in love with in 2017, it’s Terrazzo. Unfortunately terrazzo is often overlooked or looked at disdainfully due to its over-application in hospitality buildings in the 70’s. This beautiful product has so many possibilities to make all sorts of spaces unique and stunning, and we’re thinking we’ll see a major terrazzo comeback in 2018. Here’s a few of our favorite terrazzo applications and products:

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1. These kitchen counters have us drooling! This bold and colorful terrazzo sure does make a statement. Via DZEK
2. These bean bags may be for kids, but we think we could sink into them with a smile on our faces as well. Also available in an equally beautiful blue terrazzo pattern! Via Burke Decor
3. If we can’t have terrazzo flooring, might as well spice up our macbooks with a little terrazzo fun! Via Uniqfind
4. Taking notes would be so much more fun with this terrazzo notebook available in all sorts of colors! Via Pocketo
5. There’s all sorts of terrazzo flooring out there- from simple and monochromatic to bold and bright! We especially love this nude and black terrazzo floor. Via Divisare
6. If you can’t quite commit to real terrazzo, this wallpaper is a lovely alternative. Via Paper Mint

Misha is dreaming of using terrazzo as the primary flooring on the entire first floor of the #SunsetToSunset house. Unfortunately, terrazzo is CRAZY expensive in the US since its potential hasn’t been nearly as realized here as it has been in Europe. Terrazzo would be such a fun throwback in this original 1960’s home, here’s hoping we can make it work!

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